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Get out to Vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 for the General Election.

I grew up in Mulberry and after many years of living away, I returned 10 years ago. I retired from AT&T four years ago and I am currently a convenience store owner in Mulberry. 
I am a veteran of military service, having served a total of 10 years in the US Air Force and the Kansas Army National Guard. I have an Associates of Science degree from Fort Scott Community College and a Bachelors of Science from Friends University. I am divorced and I have no children. I enjoy small town Kansas life, and the district that I am running to represent is made up of small towns and rural areas. I hope to continue to serve in the Kansas State House of Representatives so I can be a voice of the people in Topeka. The filing deadline has passed for the upcoming 2022 elections and with no one else filing for the district seat I will be unopposed in both the August Primary and November General elections. I still plan to do some campaigning to renew some long time acquaintances, as well as meet some new friends. As a result of redistricting, the legislative district will no longer include any of Bourbon or Allen Counties but will cover more of Neosho County including part of Chanute.
The two issues that come up most often when I talk to people are pro-life and the Second Amendment, and they are also important issues to me. As a representative of the people, I plan to vote in a way that promotes the pro-life cause in Kansas to ensure that lives of the unborn are given the sanctity that they deserve. As to the Second Amendment, it is an important right that was given to us by the Founding Fathers and it should not be taken away from an individual without due process. I believe that new gun control laws will do nothing to curtail violence and will chip away at our basic rights. In light of recent school shootings, I believe that more should be done to ensure building security at our campuses.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving in Topeka. I am always happy to hear from the people of the Second District with your ideas and concerns.

“The biggest challenge right now for the Second District and Southeast Kansas in general is lack of economic opportunities.” 

My Experience

Legislative Service: 2019- Present

My committees include:

  • Elections
  • Insurance
  • Health & Human Services
  • Rural Revitalization
  • Joint Committee on Information Technology

Sponsored Bills:

  • HB2112 – Adding Crawford and Dickinson counties to the list of eligible rural opportunity zone counties.
  • HB2136 – Establishing municipal vacancy appointment limitations.
  • HB2274 – Requiring notification to patients that the effects of a medication abortion may be reversible.
  • HB2288 – Creating the Kansas student and educator freedom of religious speech act.

Sponsored Resolutions:

  • HR6005 – Congratulating and commending the members of the 2019 Kansas teacher of the year team.
  • HR6009 – Honoring the Kansas Farm Bureau.
  • HR6013 – A resolution strengthening the sister-state relations between Kansas and Taiwan.
  • HR6017 – Honoring the 100th anniversary of the American Legion and its posts and members in Kansas.
  • HR6022 – Honoring Korean War veterans from Kansas.